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What is UV-C light?
How does UV-C light deactivate pathogens?
Does UV-C light reduce the risk of transmitting SARS-Cov 2 virus?
How to check the effectiveness of UV-C light?
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Eco Air Guard

Innovative combination of UV-C disinfection and energy-saving LED technology.

The perfect lighting solution

This is the most basic product, aimed at completing a multi-stage air purification system for any premises. It is suitable for almost any room where there are people. Eco Air Guard eliminates micro-organisms in the air using modern technology, such as UVC LEDs, and includes built-in, fully customisable white LEDs and configurable wattages and special industrial power supplies, which are tailored to the facility and customer requirements.

We have designed, manufactured and illuminated a great many commercial, retail, industrial and warehouse spaces over the past dozen years and have complete knowledge of lighting systems. We have combined our luminaires with UVC LED technology in a closed radiant design together with mechanically matched fans that force the purified air to flow. The closed construction of the radiant heater and the chamber in which it is located means that the luminaires together with the UVC LED radiators, working in cooperation, continuously purify the air when the luminaires are switched on.

Our device is ideal in cooperation with surface treatment systems but can also be a stand-alone unit, taking care of the purity of the air and the health of people in the room. Disinfection is automatically switched on at the same time as the light luminary is switched on. The system is mostly decentralised and can also be based on motion sensors, which switch on the light and disinfection in parallel, as well as lighting lines based on people's diurnal rhythms. Using the knowledge of the Circadian cycle, our lighting has many great benefits that can help you lead a happier and healthier life. We boost energy levels in buildings, so people can start the day feeling productive and focused.