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What is UV-C light?
How does UV-C light deactivate pathogens?
Does UV-C light reduce the risk of transmitting SARS-Cov 2 virus?
How to check the effectiveness of UV-C light?
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Eco Ion Flow EN

Effective technology to combat biological risk threats and improve air quality.

Ventilation ducts are an ideal place for microorganisms to breed and spread from. Pathogenic germs, such as viruses and bacteria, present in the air are able to partially penetrate standard filters installed in ventilation systems.
Our ECO ION FLOW device is an in-line solution for bacteria, viruses and allergens purification in all ventilation systems, e.g. in health care facilities, hotels, schools, restaurants, production plants, offices and residential buildings.
Air quality monitoring.
  • UV-C process based on semiconductor technology.
  • Automatic process that is adapted to the conditions in adapted to the conditions in the plant.
  • Dual disinfection process (photocatalytic oxidation oxidation + UV-C).
  • tile-icon
    Reliable IOT wireless communication.
  • Continuous operation possible.
  • BMS integration possible.