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Hyper Tube

Solution for disinfection of hospital trolleys and beds.


Ensuring a clean and healthy environment for people is a top priority at the heart of our company philosophy, just as we have always strived for the complete safety of our healthcare professionals and patients. Hospital beds and patient trolleys are high-risk items that every healthcare facility needs to provide the right care for.

Hygiene and care

The turnover of patients occupying hospital beds or using trolleys is enormous, which is why it is essential to disinfect them quickly and without problems every time they change. It is essential that disinfection is carried out in such a way that staff and subsequent patients are not exposed to Healthcare Associated Infection. Our solution enables hospital staff to microbiologically decontaminate hospital beds and trolleys quickly and effectively up to 99.9%. The HYPER TUBE provides decontamination of the entire medical bed, including the mattress, in a single cycle. Fast and unrelated to transport outside the facility, the solution protects not only patients but also staff from contact with a contaminated bed.

This combined expertise has allowed us to create a product that provides:

Consistently high-quality disinfection results of up to 99.9%
  • Reduction in the likelihood of patients contracting nosocomial infections.
  • Protection of workers by limiting contact with a contaminated bed.
  • tile-icon
    Reduction in total operating costs.
  • An increase in the efficiency of operations and work processes of the entire medical facility.
  • Elimination of the demanding physical work involved in manual cleaning.