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What is UV-C light?
How does UV-C light deactivate pathogens?
Does UV-C light reduce the risk of transmitting SARS-Cov 2 virus?
How to check the effectiveness of UV-C light?
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A revolution in effective decontamination for indoor safety.


It is no accident that we have named our pioneering solution the Octa-UV Multi-system. From the very beginning, our team has been made up of people with many years of experience in industrial and specialised lighting systems, which means that we know very well the nature of light, which defies all the classical mechanics that most similar devices take for granted.

As quantum mechanics proved last century, light is both a photon particle and an electromagnetic wave. This is an extremely important aspect that has accompanied the whole process of creating a coherent system. The Octa-UV is an integral system consisting of at least three emitters that, by communicating with each other, select suitable parameters and radiation doses for decontamination. The technologies used in the Octa-UV System significantly improve efficiency compared to standard systems, while providing the possibility of validation of disinfection and decontamination processes.

The effectiveness of microbiological safety through UV-C light has been documented in many scientific publications. Detailed studies prove a disinfection effect of over 99%.
Each decontamination cycle is performed by three robots. This ensures effective UV-C coverage in each room and eliminates the shadowing effect.
The guiding principle in the development of the OCTA UV system was to make them mobile under all conditions. This makes the units easy to transport and use in several rooms.
Evaluation of effectiveness
An easy-to-use measuring instrument provides real-time information about the disinfection carried out. The right dose of UV-C radiation is crucial for effective decontamination of surfaces. The availability of a verification method is crucial to the overall process.

Remote control with OCTA application

The intuitive and easy-to-use application minimises the risk of error and allows the decontamination process to be carried out in a few simple steps while complying with safety regulations.


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