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What is UV-C light?
How does UV-C light deactivate pathogens?
Does UV-C light reduce the risk of transmitting SARS-Cov 2 virus?
How to check the effectiveness of UV-C light?
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There is often a need for rapid disinfection of mobile equipment, especially in patient transport vehicles and in the numerous small treatment rooms in emergency wards, which is why we developed SOCAR.



SOCAR can be used in wheeled, flying and other vehicles. It is designed to improve the work of emergency services so that life-saving procedures can be carried out quickly and disinfection between patients can be carried out rapidly.

We have ensured the above through the considerable power of the emitter and simplified use, which comes down to setting the time, pressing a button and leaving the room. Proprietary motion and presence sensors ensure that the device is automatically switched off if a person enters the room. An emergency safety button shuts down the radiant heaters momentarily when it is pressed. Electrically and electromagnetically, the device is absolutely neutral for medical equipment and does not interfere with its operation thanks to the use of non-ionising radiation and earthed Faraday cages, so it is also safe for medical equipment, while complying with all safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. In addition, the operation of SOCAR is continuously audio-visually indicated by the use of warning signals.

SOCAR is a device that guarantees sufficient radiation dose to ensure full effectiveness in areas where it is required:

Maximum simplified use
Use on small areas
Certainty of effectiveness
Safety and compliance with standards

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